Monday, 2 August 2010

Pushing Tin (1999)

Tagline: A comedy about losing control
Cusack Plays: Nick Falzone, Ace Air Traffic Controller

Probably best remembered as being the movie Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton met on and embarked on their brief and crazy marriage. (Remembered the vials of blood and padded sex caves etc?, Ah it seems like forever ago). Cusack is disgruntled by new, reckless controller Billy Bob, and things start to unravel, drawing wives Cate Blanchett and Angelina into the picture.

I watched this with my good chums Jo and Joe, after we had tried and failed to persuade Joe that he really wanted to watch Practical Magic with us. I think we all had the same general impression (well Jo and I thought Angelina was more slutty than Joe thought she was). The premise is interesting and the job seems fascinating, but it doesn't really make for a great two hour movie. I assume that major incidents and near misses are fairly rare (or as someone getting on a plane next week I hope they are) but in this you have to have a bunch of them for the drama. Still the acting is fairly decent, and you would hope so with three Oscar winners taking 3 of the 4 central roles (I know Billy's was for writing, but he's been nominated for acting too). Cusack sings. And wears a bunch of tracksuits. Be warned.


  1. heh, there was also much debate about whether high waisted jeans were sexy or not (Jo and Sara - yes, Joe - no) and also the "omg that's the woman cop from third watch" moment... good times... We also had the "how LONG is this film question!!?!?" and we had to re-watch Angie's nipples to double check that they were hers. Good times, what film is next?

  2. Argh 'Anonymous' how do you know this? Were you watching us through the window? :) Next one is 'Cradle will Rock' - politics and theatre in the 1930s. Think I'll be doing High Fidelity next week though, woo.

  3. High Fidelity is an excellent one. I saw Pushing Tin years ago, but can't stand Billy Bob Thornton which kind of ruined it for me.