Thursday, 26 August 2010

Americas Sweethearts (2001)

Tagline: America's hottest couple has just broken will take more than special effects to get them back together.
Cusack Plays: Major Movie Star Eddie Thomas
Family Connections: Sister Ann plays an assistant to Billy Crystal

Teaming up again with Catherine Zeta-Jones after High Fidelity to play America's Sweethearts, Eddie Thomas and Gwen Harrison who have starred together in a number of hit films as well as being married in real life. Gwen meets someone else, Eddie goes a bit of the rails... Publicist Billy Crystal must bring them together again to promote their most recent film, with the help of Gwen's sister, Kiki (Julia Roberts, playing the supporting role rather than the Catherine ZJ part).

On the one hand its nice that he got a big star packed film like this (apparantly he got it instead of Robert Downey Jnr who was having 'issues' at that time), and it does have some funny moments (love the morning breath scene, very cute). On the hand other some of the jokes misfire a bit and Eddie's mental illness doesn't really play that well. Billy Crystal, scripting as well as starring kept the best jokes for himself.

This is one I probably wouldn't turn off if it appeared on tv, a harmless, reasonably funny watch.

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