Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Jack Bull (1999)

Tagline: All men want justice. Few are willing to pay the price.
Cusack Plays: Horse Trader Myrl Redding.
Family Connections: Written by father Dick, who also has a small role as the Jury Foreman. Brother Bill is apparently also in there somewhere.

Hmm, he must have wondered, what genre haven't I had a crack at yet - aha a Western! There's horses, guns and its set in Wyoming as the area is set to become officially part of the United States. Horse Trader Myrl gets mighty pissed off when a neighbouring big shot rancher mistreats two of his horses and his Crow Indian Caretaker Billy. When the law fails to make amends he takes it into his own hands and goes vigilante to make the bastard pay! Mostly bad things then ensue.

This is the second time I've seen this made for TV (HBO) film and I really like it. The performances are excellent (John Goodman is scene stealing in his role as the judge), the story is engaging, and quite heartbreaking by the end. It's a lot better than some of his films which made it to the cinemas. Dad Dick wrote the script and its produced by John's company New Crime. Friend John C McGinley also co-produces and co-stars.

Mr C is properly grown up now and looking quite gorgeously rugged in this one. It's also the first time he plays someone's dad onscreen.

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