Sunday, 5 December 2010

The best and worst

So, job done, the obvious question is - which the
best? and worst? Now they all have their pros, cons and things that make them special but in general

The top 5:

"I won? Yay, me".

1. High Fidelity - For me, his most iconic role to date. And its a top 5, so, duh.
2. Grosse Point Blank - The one that got me hooked, and where he looks the most handsome.
3. Being John Malkovich - Fabulously original and playing against type.
4, Say Anything - So sweet.
5. Con Air - So. Much. Fun.

The worst 5:

" I knew she was a cat person, but come on.."

1. Must Love Dogs - for oh so many reasons
2. Tapeheads - badly dated
3. War Inc - utterly wasted opportunity
4. One Crazy Summer - comedy lacking in funny
5. Elvis Stories - I never need to see this again

And some other observations:

The guilty pleasure - Serendipity
The one that made me cry - Grace is Gone
The underrated (or unheard of?) one - The Jack Bull
The one that I just don't seem to like as much as other people - The Grifters
The one that I never pictured him doing, but loved it anyway - Hot Tub Time Machine