Saturday, 28 August 2010

Max (2002)

Tagline: Art + Politics = Power
Cusack Plays: Art Dealer Max Rothman

Shaking off the romantic comedies for a film he was obviously keen to make (he took no salary), Max is the story of a Jewish art dealer in post WW1 Germany who encounters a young artist who is torn between art and a burgeoning interest in politics. The artists name? Adolf Hitler. What if art had won out?

I remember going to see this (alone) when it first came out, unable to convince anyone that it would be a great film. I think I enjoyed it more first time round, and its not one I'll be rushing to view again anytime soon. Probably your only chance to see John Cusack playing a one armed man who delivers the line "Come on Hitler I'll buy you a glass of lemondade".

Featuring actors from all over the world I was pleasantly surprised to see some Scots pop up including Kevin McKidd and Peter Capaldi (all I could see was Malcolm Tucker though).

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