Tuesday, 8 December 2009

The Sure Thing (1985)



Tagline: A sure thing comes once in a lifetime... but the real thing lasts forever.
Cusack plays: Walter 'Gib' Gibson, college student heading across the country to hook up with a stunning 'Sure Thing' (Nicolette Sheridan aka Edie from Desperate Housewives oiling herself up in her first film role)
Did you know? One of the Executive Producers of this film was Henry Winkler, yeah the Fonz!

Cusack's first leading role and very enjoyable it is too. Its the Christmas holidays and Gib is fed up not meeting girls at his East Coast college. Luckily his friend from school Anthony Edwards (Goose! Dr Greene!) is in California and tells his about a 'sure thing' who will definitely do the deed with him. To get there he has to travel across country with square Alison from his English class (Daphne Zuniga -Brooke's mum in One Tree Hill). You can guess what happens....

I enjoyed this film, Cusack gets to show off his acting chops, and it provides the first of a number of occassions where he gets all wet in the rain. I particularly enjoyed a scene where he pretends to be a crazy hitchhiker to rescue Alison from a dodgy driver. This is also the first film where Cusack appears alongside friend Tim Robbins, and I noticed Steve Pink (writer and producer of future Cusack films such as High Fidelity) is listed as 'football player'. Robbins is hilarious as his show tune singing first ride - "this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius...". Also giving them a ride is Mr Heckles from Friends.

here comes the spoilery 1980s style trailer and the funny psycho scene:

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  1. Just watched this one, quite enjoyed it! Have a lot to catch up on though, I've only seen 20 so far!