Thursday, 3 December 2009

Grandview U.S.A (1984)


Tagline: Where dreams have a funny way of coming true.
Cusack plays: Johnny Maine, friend of high school senior Tim Pearson
Family Connections: Joan has a blink and miss it role as a student in class

So this wasn't a film I was familiar with so there was curiosity factor coming into play here. Cusack is only in about 3 very brief scenes although does don a fetching 1980s blue tux for the prom and does some shirtless sunbathing.

The plot of the film is that Michelle 'Mike' Cody (Jamie Lee Curtis) runs a demolition derby which she is trying to keep open. Shes friends with Ernie 'Slam' Webster - Patrick Swayze (RIP) and he has some feelings for her, as well as dealing with a cheating slutty wife. C Thomas Howell is high school senior and wannabe oceanographer Tim who also takes a shine to older woman Mike.

Its ok. The main fun is to be had in two rather random music video style dream sequences where Tim sees Mike all sexy, and everyone dances about.

Trailer (including part of said dream sequence) below....

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