Tuesday, 2 November 2010

War Inc (2008)

Tagline: When it comes to war...America means business
Cusack Plays: Brand Hauser

There are some links to Grosse Point Blank in War Inc - Joan Cusack and Dan Aykroyd appearing alonside Cusack's suited killer for hire. Thats really where the similarities end, and the former, fabulous film shouldn't really be mentioned in the same breath as this.

A political satire which sees a Middle Eastern country run by private American corporations, with Cusack brought in to kill a big wig in the oil industry. His cover is as a producer of a trade show featuring the wedding of pop star Hilary Duff. Brand Hauser also has a penchant for drinking hot sauce, and a troubled past, including a dead wife. At this rate I should create a tag for that...

Now I find the privatisation of war an interesting topic, but sadly it did not make for an entertaining and engaging film. Disappointing.

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