Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

Tagline: Kick Some Past
Cusack Plays: Adam, recently dumped 40-something

So I made it. 50+ Cusack films, done and dusted. And pretty much exactly within a year. Woop.

A fun note to finish on with a time travelling hot tub comedy. 3 friends, plus Cusack's nephew, depressed with their lives in 2010 go on a holiday to re-live the fun ski-trips of their youth. A drunken night where they all pile into the hot tub, a Russian energy drink spilled on the controls, and they're back in 1986.

I was pretty excited when I learned of the existence of this film, and regularly checked for updated trailers. The moment I saw Craig Robinson say "Must be some kind of hot tub time machine" and stare into the camera, I was sold. The 1980s is ripe for mocking and the laugh ratio is pretty high, and although there is some room for improvement I'll give it the benefit of the doubt. If there is a straight guy/everyman it's probably Cusack (what a surprise) and the characters played by Craig Robinson and Rob Corddy get most of the laughs. It manages to be quite crude, and yet rather feelgood come the end.

Hot Tub Time Machine has high re-watch factor in my opinion - perhaps it will be coming along on my ski holiday next month...

Still to come....reflections on the Challenge...

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  1. Congragulations! I am well behind, my 21st Cusack movie (the Grifters) came in the post this morning. It will be interesting to see your best/worst Cusack movies!