Thursday, 15 July 2010

This Is My Father (1998)

Tagline: A Journey Of The Heart.
Cusack plays: The pilot, Eddie Sharp

Very much the brothers Quinn film with Aidan as the lead and Paul writing and directing. History teacher James Caan travels to Ireland with his nephew to track down his own heritage and see if he can find out about the father he never knew. Thankfully the B and B owners mother has been around for years and can fill him in. The action then flashes back to rural 1939 Ireland to see his pretty 17 year old mother fall for an shy older farm worker (Aidan Quinn).

I found this enjoyable and touching, although the Cusack appearance is very short and sweet. He meets the couple one night on a beach after landing his plane and takes their picture. And guess what, the photo has a part to play in the story. Caan and Quinn are both excellent and it's a shame that lead actress Moya Farrelly, playing Fiona, didn't seem to do much after this.

The (spoilery) trailer doesn't make it look so great.


  1. You'll be up to the TV Movie Jack Bull soon - I've heard that is excellent. B J Malcovich arrived in the post today. Saw the first half hour - veerrry wierd.

  2. Yes just The Thin Red Line stands between me and the Jack Bull. It is a good one, quite sad.