Saturday, 3 April 2010

True Colors (1991)

Tagline: Friendship and betrayal; Its not all black and white.
Cusack plays: Ambitious aspiring politician Peter Burton.

Oh the excitement my best friend and I felt when we discovered there was a film with two of our favourite men in it. The excitement was somewhat squished when we got round to watching it a couple of years ago. This second viewing for the Challenge provided an opportunity to take a look at why it might not have been that great.

Cusack and Spader play law students in the 1980s who then go on to political internships. Cusack, the boy from a poor background is ruthless in his pursuit of power, while Spader wants to do good by becoming a lawyer (this desire is rubbished so much it's as if he is saying his lifes desire is to work in Burger King). You would imagine that Spader would traditionally take on the bad guy role, and the swap doesn't really work that well. Nor are we given enough reasons to properly hate Cusack as his bad deeds aren't really shown on screen. However there is a fantastic/awful ski race, after Cusack confesses to bedding Spader's girlfriend. But overall, not quite as bad as I remembered.


  1. If you found it on one of the ones on Dalry Road, damn ye, I wanted that copy of Con Air!

  2. Stockbridge darling, so Dalry road may still be up for grabs!