Wednesday, 14 April 2010

The Player (1992)

Tagline: The Best Movie Ever Made!" - Griffin Mill
Cusack plays: Himself in a very brief cameo

So technically (playing by my initial rules) I didn't have to watch this one as appearing as yourself means the film is not listed alongside his other movies on imdb. But I did watch all of Broadcast News only to see his back and hear one line, so why not. Plus, I remember enjoying this the first time around when I went through an Altman phase.

This is a enjoyable satire, focusing on Hollywood Studio Exec, Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) who is being sent death threats by a writer he turned down. Famous for its opening tracking shot (7 minutes and 47 seconds!) and massive number of big names, either acting in it or cameoing as themselves. I think its worn reasonably well, for being nearly 20 years old, and I enjoyed it, although perhaps not as much as the first time round.

And Cusack? He's in it near the start at a restaurant with Anjelica Huston (as herself) and Peter Gallacher (in character). He has a couple of lines when Mill spots him. You can just see him in the trailer here...

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