Saturday, 10 April 2010

Shadows and Fog (1991)

Cusack Plays: Jack the student

An interesting watch from Woody Allen. There's a strangler on the loose, and Woody is summonded to be on the vigilante task force. He stumbles through the night getting progressively more confused and interacting with circus performers and prostitutes.

Cusack is a student and regular at the local whorehouse, and takes a fancy to Mia Farrow (who has run off from the circus after finding her boyfriend canoodling with Madonna, and ended up staying with the prostitutes for the night (!) ), paying her $700 for sex. That, and reflecting on it are about it for him.

The relatively short runninng time (85 minutes) meant that this kept me interested, and the star studded cast means that big names keep popping up throughout. Cusack must have impressed Allen, as he gets a much bigger part in Bullets over Broadway (1994).

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