Saturday, 23 October 2010

Summerhood (2008)

So I must admit partial defeat on this one, as I haven't seen it and am unlikely to anytime soon. I'm saying only partial defeat though because this film hasn't actually had a proper release and has only shown at film festivals. Also, he's the uncredited narrator, so not actually appearing in it.

I wil endeavor to watch it though if it ever gets a proper release. Here's the trailer:


  1. Don't give up too soon Sarah... It took me 14 months to get him in the film. I'm sorry you've had wait to even longer to see it. We'll get Summerhood near you.

    It's releasing in Toronto in November and the USA in the new year. You're in the UK? Find me on Facebook "LazyCamper" - we'll help you check this off your list.

    See you in the woods.
    : )


  2. Thanks Jacob! Did you show it at the Glasgow Film Festival earlier this year? I thought I spptted it but couldn't make it through that day. I'm in Edinburgh. :) Looks really good.