Saturday, 23 October 2010

Martian Child (2007)

Tagline: Some fathers and sons grow up together.
Cusack Plays: Science fiction writer David Gordon

Yet another dead wife scenario, as widower writer David decides to adopt a child. That child turns out to be Dennis, a weird little guy who sits in a box all day, claims to be from Mars and wears a belt of batteries to ensure he doesn't float away. Yes its a PG family film all about 'belonging' and 'finding your place'.

I wasn't really rushing to watch this one and had the dvd sitting out for a while. Its all very tame stuff, but putting my cynicism aside it made for an bearable Saturday afternoon watch while doing some ironing. The Cusack siblings team up again to play brother and sister, in a story based on a novel, itself based on a real experience. Although in real life it was a gay writer adopting a son - changing the character's sexuality apparantly caused a bit of bother.

The kid is ok, despite being one of the annoying ones from Must Love Dogs, and whispering all the time. In fact a lot of this film is softly spoken.


  1. Oh sweet god, so glad I wasn't around to watch that one. I ACTUALLY hate whispering children. AHRG makes me angry thinking about them!!!

  2. I'm looking forward to this one with dread, it sounds nauseating....;)