Wednesday, 16 June 2010

City Hall (1996)

Tagline: Murder...Corruption...Cover-up...Scandal...
Cusack plays: Deputy Mayor Kevin Calhoun

Cusack goes Southern (Loueeeessssssiana) to play the deputy Mayor of New York to Al Pacino's Head honcho. The story begins with a shoot out between an off-duty police officer and a drug dealer. Both are killed, as is a young boy in the crossfire. Events take a turn for the sinister with lies, bribes and coverups.

Cusack is pretty irresistable as a perma-suited guy who grew up loving politics and wanting to do the right thing (or maybe thats just my kind of chap...) and although the story was interesting, it wasn't thrilling enough to be a top notch example of the genre. Or maybe I've been tainted by all the outlandish plots in other films that this just seemed quite tame.

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