Sunday, 19 February 2017

Chi-Raq (2015)

Tagline: No peace, no piece
Cusack plays: Father Mike Corridan

Was reminded to watch this by a sort of Cusack reference in the new Lego Batman film (yes, really, if you've seen it you'll know that a few of his rom coms get a shout out!).

The central premise of the film is that the women of Chicago (the Chi-raq of the title, so named because more people were killed there due to gun and gang violence than soldiers in Iraq) unite to deny their men folk sex until they stop the killing. Or as they say..


Cusack plays a neighbourhood priest who gets to deliver a barnstorming sermon railing against gun violence at the funeral of a small child caught in the cross fire.

I enjoyed the plot, style and soundtrack - and was engaged from the start with characters largely speaking in rhyming couplets.However it was hard to stick with for 2 hours and my attention did start to drift - but great to see Cusack in something so interesting compared to another rubbish action film.

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