Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Reclaim (2014)

Tagline: You can't put a price on family/ Reclaim what's yours
Cusack plays: Benjamin

I'm calling the movie poster as a little misleading, as at no point are there ever any helicopters hovering over a lit up city...

Rounding off the year by getting up to date with the Cusack challenge and this little action number, which is a step up from my last watch, The Prince.  The blurb for this one is that a couple head to Puerto Rico to adopt a little girl, who has been orphaned as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. They have a jolly holiday on the beach as they wait for their ADORABLE (honestly, I lost track of how many times she was described as adorable) little girl's passport to be processed. They bump into Cusack, apparently holidaying at their result (LOOK OUT HE'S VAPING/SMOKING A GIANT CIGAR) and after the husband (Ryan Phillipe) has a bust up in a bar, the adorbs wee gal goes missing.

As can be ascertained by the trailer, they have fallen victim to a 'reclaim' scam, where the fake adoption agency has taken the child and loads of their money. They really should have guessed, as Jacki Weaver as the adoption agency lady just screams dodgy to me. The story continues by adding another layer, bringing in the couples past etc, with Cusack's role as chief baddie increasing. I am starting to wonder if he is playing the bad guy so he gets to smoke. Or maybe it's just more fun.

So, this isn't a great film, but its alright and  probably worth a watch. Towards the most dramatic parts I even stopped playing Candy Crush/eating Quality Street and gave it my full attention. So y'know, reasonable praise.

Here's a trailer that basically shows you the entire film if you don't have a spare 90 minutes.

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