Saturday, 6 December 2014

Drive Hard (2014)


Tagline: This heist is about to go into overdrive
Cusack plays: Simon Keller

I think we have a contender. Yep, the highly coveted worst Cusack film category may have a new entry in the shape of Drive Hard. Even on seeing the trailer I knew this was gonna be a bad ‘un but I diligently made the popcorn and revved up the DVD player.

This is straight to DVD fare, that much is obvious from the get go. Despite the two leads (Cusack and Thomas Jane) being American it is set in Australia for no real reason, other than, I’m guessing they got some money or it was cheaper to make it there. This means the rest of the cast is comprised of no names (I didn’t even recognise anyone from Neighbours lurking in the background).

The plot. Thomas Jane is a former race car driver who now works as a driving instructor. Turning up for work he find’s Cusack's Simon Keller waiting, in need of a driving lesson. Mid lesson Keller stops off to pop into the bank…..and rob it, turning Thomas Jane into his getaway driver. They drive HARD for a while as the plot, reasoning etc unfolds yadda yadda.

The positives – Cusack has a few good lines and he hams it up/phones it in as the sort of villain of the film. He is the best thing in it, but there’s not a high bar set as some of the acting is piss poor. The bits in the car between Cusack and Jane are probably the best parts as their relationship develops from hostage situation to sort of buddies.

 photo john-cusack-drive-hard.jpg

The negatives – tries to make what would be a serious and dangerous situation into something funny. Some films can deliver this slick jet black humour well, but alas this is not one of them. Jane’s wife and child react to his potential status as criminal/hostage/life in serious danger by running around laughing and accusing him of infidelity. Also, an old lady pops up with a gun and starts flipping the bird at people. Jolly japes? Not really, just head in hands cringe.

To take it to a cosmetic level, Cusack is not looking at his best in this film. He’s gaunt, wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses and sucking on a e-cigarette vaporizer throughout the whole thing. Such a badass.

 photo rlt9XvM.png
You don’t have to watch this, I‘ve taken one for the team on this occasion.

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