Saturday, 20 March 2010

Shadow Makers aka Fat Man and Little Boy (1989)

Tagline: The story of the extraordinary people who changed our world.
Cusack Plays: Michael Merriman, scientist

Going by the title Fat Man and Little Boy in America (the code names of the two bombs) this film reenacts the Manhattan Project where Professor Oppenheimer (Murdock from the A Team!) and a team worked to design and build the two atomic bombs which would end World War 2. The film begins with the start of the project in 1942, and follows it through to completion in 1945, looking mainly at the relationship between Oppenheimer and the General in charge of the project, played by Paul Newman. The character Cusack plays is fictional, a composite of a few real people.

Plenty of familiar faces here, including Dr Cox from Scrubs as the camps doctor and Laura Dern as the love interest. Gotta watch out though, working with materials like that, it could end badly for someone....Cusack turns in a good performance and shows off some pretty slick dance moves.

Did you know? There is also an episode of The Simpsons called Fat Man and Little Boy.

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