Saturday, 21 November 2009

Class (1983)

Tagline: The good news is, Jonathan's having his first affair. The bad news is, she's his roommate's mother!
Cusack plays: Roscoe Maibaum - student at Vernon Academy
Family Connections: Bit parts for sister Joan and father Dick.


So its the debut. Mr Cusack's first appearance comes as he nearly gets squashed by new student Andrew McCarthy's trunk on the stairs. His opening line? "Great, douchebag. Another year, another idiot".

This film was also Brat-packer Andrew McCarthy's first listed film appearance, and one of Rob Lowe's first few. Its quite enjoyable standard teen flick fare, as Andrew's Jonathan's accidentally gets it on with Prep School roommate Rob Lowe's mum. Cusack pops up throughout as another student at the school, usually smoking, and in one scene wearing a weirdish nightshirt. All his moments can be viewed in this clip (with the nightshirt at the 5.25 mark). The bit where he eats his cigarette is pretty endearing.

And heres the trailer:

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